‘You’ll see’ a new face in the new season of ‘The Walking Dead’

It’s no secret that the show’s third season is about to begin.

But there are still plenty of surprises in store, thanks to the introduction of a new character named “Zombie Face” in the episode “You’ll See.”

The name was chosen after the character’s makeup artist decided that the character, who is in the show for the first time, was looking a little too “Zombified.”

And because of that, a face was made for her.

It’s a pretty interesting choice, given that “Zombies” is about a group of survivors living in a town ravaged by a virus, which is why we’re told that the zombie face was a real person.

But what exactly are these zombies?

And why would anyone want to use the name “Zombyface”?

Well, the answer is a little confusing.

“Zombies are an evolving species,” said Sarah Sommers, who wrote the episode for the show.

“They’ve evolved over thousands of years.

And we’ve been seeing their evolution for the past few seasons, but it wasn’t until we got to this season that they finally got it.”

She also revealed that the name was “not necessarily an homage to the show,” but more of a “memorable name.”

So, what does it mean?

Well, in a way, it could be interpreted as a reference to the “Zombo” mask that the original “The Walking Night” character, played by Matt Bomer, wore.

“It was inspired by an old Halloween costume,” said Sommer.

“And I had a Halloween costume with a ‘Zombo’ mask on it.

So I just took that, and turned it into a mask.”

So, we can’t really tell what the makeup artist is going for with the name.

But it certainly makes sense that a face would be chosen for a character that we haven’t seen in the first few seasons of the show, and that makes sense considering how “Zoomb” was originally played.

There are a few other Easter eggs, too, in the series, and the episode itself is full of them.

For example, the new face is wearing a face paint that looks similar to “Zoom” masks, and it’s also wearing a hoodie that resembles the original masks.

Sommers also teased that the new “Zotob” mask might be the first look at a new costume, though she couldn’t say much about what kind of outfit it might be.

We’ll keep you updated on more information on the new show as it becomes available.


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