Why we use makeup brushes

By now you’ve probably heard the story of how makeup brushes, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, became popular in the 90s. 

The idea was that people who had never used makeup brushes before were more likely to buy brushes that were actually good for their skin, but not for their eyes. 

But a new study shows that it’s not just the makeup brushes that are making the difference. 

“We know that the ingredients in the makeup brush are not only important, but also how they’re used,” says study author Laura Hockenberry, a professor of psychology at the University of Queensland in Australia. 

This means the chemicals in the brush and the makeup may be equally important in terms of their effect on your skin. 

That means we can’t just take a brush and make it good for us. 

In fact, Hockens study suggests the brushes are so important, that if you use makeup every day for the rest of your life, the chemicals will have been used up by then. 

There are two types of makeup brushes: the standard brush and a gel brush. 

They both have one thing in common: They’re made of synthetic ingredients like silicone, acrylic, and titanium dioxide. 

What are these chemicals? 

Silicone and acrylic are commonly used to make paint, nail polish, or other high-tech products, and they’re not the only ones. 

Titanium dioxide is used to create the “glass” of your eye makeup, and is also used in cosmetics to make glitter, lipsticks, and nail polish. 

However, it’s more commonly used in the manufacturing of high-end cosmetics and household items, such as brushes, butlers, and dental floss. 

How do the chemicals work? 

Titanic dioxide is a chemical that is known to be toxic when it comes into contact with the skin.

It’s also known to react with proteins in the skin and make them react with the ingredients inside the brush.

“When we add titanium dioxide to the makeup, it reacts with the silicone and acrylic to make them dissolve,” says Hocksen. 

So when you put a brush into a plastic container, it absorbs the titanium dioxide and turns it into a gel. 

A typical makeup brush will have around 15% of its volume of titanium dioxide dissolved in it, while the standard plastic brush will contain just under a third. 

Then there’s the silicone in the silicone, which makes it absorb some of the titanium in the water, and then the acrylic absorbs more titanium dioxide, and so on. 

Hocken says that as you add more titanium to a brush, it will dissolve more titanium, and it’s this process that ultimately creates the chemical compound that makes the brush good for your skin, and that the cosmetics industry has been working hard to stop. 

She says that the way the chemical is broken down by the body means that the chemicals can’t be stored and reused, which is a huge issue in a world that’s increasingly reliant on disposable products. 

As a result, there’s a large amount of synthetic materials in the world, which means that people have to make a lot of these brushes at home, rather than buying them online. 

Is there any evidence that synthetic materials have adverse effects on our health? 

In one study, researchers in Japan found that people using brushes containing titanium dioxide had higher levels of thyroid hormone in their blood than people using a brush without the compound. 

Similarly, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) in the US has found that the use of synthetic plastic brushes can increase the risk of a range of health problems, including the development of skin cancer. 

Do we have to use them? 

There’s some evidence that using synthetic materials can have some negative health effects, but the research is limited, and the exact mechanisms by which these chemicals affect your health are unknown. 

If you have skin allergies, the use and the mixing of chemicals with your hair and makeup can cause problems. 

It can also lead to the development and spread of certain infections, and these can make your skin more sensitive. 

And there’s also the possibility that synthetic brushes can lead to an increased risk of developing skin cancer in people who are sensitive to the chemicals used in makeup brushes. 

Why are they important? 

While there is some evidence to suggest that using a lot more synthetic materials might lead to skin cancer, the evidence for this is still relatively weak. 

Other studies have found that using more synthetic ingredients has an impact on the quality of our skin, the concentration of pollutants in our skin and the concentration in our hair. 

To tackle this issue, the cosmetics companies have been developing synthetic brushes.

But these brushes are not the same as the ones used by cosmetic professionals, and their effectiveness is still uncertain. 

Does makeup contain the same chemicals?

There’s no way to know whether or not makeup brushes contain the chemicals that make them effective for your face, and this


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