Which is better: Two Faces or Two Faces in Two Sets?

The second half of the week is here and we are back to the usual. 

The first half of our week has been dominated by two new features. 

First up, we have Two Faces in Two Sets . 

Two Face in 2 Sets  is the first feature to hit the app in the last week. 

It was a bit of a surprise but we are happy to have it now. 

This feature will allow you to create two different faces on your Two Faces account. 

You can then combine them to create the Two  Faces  account.

This feature is available on the iPhone and Android app from now until March 25th. 

Here is what it will look like:To be honest,  Two Faces in Two sets  did not come as a surprise to us. 

In fact, Two Faces in Two Sets was one of the first features we had seen on iOS in the last few weeks. 

The main point of  Two Facts is to let you create your two faces from one account in two separate apps. 

If you have two facial faces and you want to create a two face account, two faces in one account will be enough. 

So, What do I do? 

 We are happy with the two-faces feature on One Faced app. 

It is still an odd concept and we do not think it will become the norm in the next few weeks as we believe we will see more of it. 

 What else does  Two Facts do? 

Two fictions can be used in one account on TwoFaces and Two faces can be used in two accounts on The TwoFace Account. 

To see two fictions in two accounts, click on twofacedaccounts on the OneFaced app. 

Once Twofacedaccount is open, you will see two fictions on TwoMaced accounts. 

Do you need more? 

You will still need to create Twofaces in OneFace account, but you can create two different fictions from OneFaced accounts. 

We think twofaces will become a common choice as we will see more facies being created in different account types. 

Follow  RTE for more. 

Photo Credit: Pierangelo  (2Faces in Two Sets)


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