What I learned from the 90s makeup steps

Boomer makeup has long been a staple for women of all ages and tastes.

The trend was embraced by the 90’s in an era of rampant plastic surgery, celebrity endorsements and hyper-realistic makeup.

I loved the trend so much that I have spent countless hours researching how I could incorporate it into my look.

It has definitely become a staple in my life, and I have learned a lot about makeup in the process.

Here are some of my favorite makeup tips from the ’90s that have helped me stay youthful. 

 #1 Makeup Tip #2 I love my face, but I’m not a morning person.

I’m a night person.

#3 I am always a night owl.

When I go to bed, I stay up reading and writing.

#4 My makeup is so simple.

It’s not complicated.

It is my face I’m most inspired by.

#5 If I look my best on the day I go out, it is my skin that will be my most inspired.

#6 My skin has a lot of pores.

So my skin is a lot more porous than most people’s.

If I apply my concealer on my face before bed, it creates a perfect layer of skin.

#7 I like to use a tinted moisturizer.

I like to apply concealer, powder, foundation, or highlighter to my face.

I love it for a soft, matte look.

#8 I have my foundation in the morning and my concealers in the evening.

After I finish my makeup, I apply the concealer to my cheekbones.

#9 I’m not sure if I should use a powder or foundation, but if you’re not a fan of powder, I would definitely recommend using a foundation.

#10 I hate to apply a concealer before I take off my makeup.

My skin feels like a sponge and it is hard to remove.

 I always feel a bit on the dry side.

#11 I don’t like to wear eye makeup. 

I find it to be uncomfortable.

It creates a lot for my eyes.

#12 I do not like to be photographed. 

I find it more interesting to be invisible.

#13 I know that it’s not my fault that my face is so oily.

It could be a result of my genetics.

#14 My hair is not perfect, but it looks perfect in person. 

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I am a huge fan of natural hair.

When I was growing up, I wore a lot less than I do now. 

In high school, I didn’t have much hair, and that led to a lot fewer wrinkles. 

While I’ve grown a lot since then, I still love natural hair, which has a natural, fluffy look that makes me feel relaxed and relaxed at the same time.

I also like the look of curly hair. 

#15 I often try to buy a lot to get a lot done. 

It’s a great way to get all the things in your life done.

#16 I try to take my makeup off before bed and wear it over my makeup to keep my skin moisturized.

#17 I also have a very strong preference for powder.

I don’t really like to mix my foundations with my powder.

#18 I use concealer in the mornings, and it helps me get the most out of my makeup and give me a better coverage.

#19 My body is very resilient.

It feels amazing to be smooth, but also has a very high degree of elasticity.

#20 I wear highlighters when I’m wearing makeup.

They give me that nice glow that I love.

#21 I usually get a little bit of product in my face at night, but my foundation will always look better when I have makeup on.

Always try to get your foundation out the door.

It will make a difference in how the makeup looks.

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For more information, see my Disclosure Policy.


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