Red makeup looks pretty and lasts forever

Red makeup is probably the best of the lot, but it’s also probably the least expensive.

That makes it perfect for a long-term makeup look.

Red makeup, as its name suggests, is red.

It absorbs easily.

And it works well in the sun, too.

The downside?

Red makeup can’t be used in sun protection or it can leave a red cast.

The trick to creating a lasting look is to add a few shades of red to your routine.

So, to create a red look that lasts for years, apply the right shades of eye shadow to the crease of your brow bone, forehead, nose and lips.

Use your favourite mascara.

Apply mascara and apply the shade of red that you want to create the red cast from.

Don’t use too much.

You can always use a little more, but be careful not to go overboard.

You want to be careful, but also not too much, too soon.

Apply your red makeup and leave it to dry for about 30 minutes.

When you’re ready to apply your second shade of makeup, apply that shade to the same crease and add a little red gloss to the top of your eyes and lips to add an extra layer of colour.

Make sure the red is not too thick or too thin.

Apply the third shade of your makeup to the side of your face and make sure it’s not too dark or too light.

Apply it on top of the red makeup, leaving a small patch of red around your mouth and chin.

Apply a final shade of black eye shadow for the final effect.

The best way to create this effect is to apply a layer of black eyeliner and blend it in with the black on the outside of your eye.

It gives the look a very subtle but subtle, even effect.

To make this look even more glamorous, apply a coat of matte black eyeliners to your eyelids and make it look like you’ve taken a black eye mask and put it on.

Apply eyeliner on the lid of the tube, apply eyeliner to your browbone and apply eyeliners on your nose and on your cheekbones.

Make a lip liner with your lip liner and apply it to the outside corner of your lips.

Apply lip liner on the inner edge of your cheeks and apply mascara on your lips and eyelashes.

Apply eye makeup and mascara to the outer edge of the eyes and use a dark, matte lipstick to make the eye look a little bit more dramatic.

To create the final look, use eyeliner, mascara and lip liner to create an eye makeup effect.

Make the eyes look like they’re always in the corner of the room, and make the lip liner look like it’s always on your lip.

This is one look that will look absolutely stunning.

For more great makeup tips, check out our collection of eye makeup tutorials.


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