Pink makeup looks ‘cool’ as a new trend, says study

The trend of pink makeup is gaining momentum among young girls.

But some experts say that, in fact, it can actually make women look younger.

The trend has even caught the attention of beauty brands like Chanel and MAC.

Now, a study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology suggests that the trend may actually be harmful to your health.

Here’s how it works The researchers asked about 400 students a series of questions about their makeup and how it looked on them.

Some were asked to make up in a mirror, while others were asked in a real one.

The results showed that students who had made up in the mirror did have more acne and pimples than students who made up without a mirror.

The study also showed that girls who madeup in the real mirror had a slightly higher level of acne than girls who didn’t.

“In other words, the effect is that the girls who did make up actually had less acne than the girls that did not,” said study researcher Sara Gartrell, a professor at the University of Virginia School of Business.

“If the goal of the study was to find out whether makeup is good or bad for you, it doesn’t make sense to study the effect of makeup on acne or other acne symptoms.”

The study is the first to look at whether makeup affects acne in a controlled setting.

Gartrel says the study is important because “the beauty industry is not always doing its homework” when it comes to what makes people look younger or younger.

“We want to be able to look into what people are wearing and where their skin is at,” Gartrell said.

“It may be that makeup doesn’t have an effect on acne in the way that we think, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad for your skin.”

Here’s the full study:


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