I used makeup to save my life

A man was forced to put on makeup in order to save his life.

In the video above, a man in his 60s is shown in a hospital bed and his face covered in the makeup of his choice.

The man has been suffering from asthma for the past year and was admitted to the hospital because of the condition.

After a visit to his doctor, the man was told that the only thing that could save his health was to use the makeup that he had used before he went into the hospital.

After being told the same, he asked a friend to apply a concealer to his face.

The friend applied it to the mask he had put on and it worked.

The man was then taken to the doctor to receive a diagnosis of pneumonia.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the doctor concluded that the mask could not possibly have saved his life and said that the man’s respiratory problems were due to the condition he was in.

The doctor was also worried that the makeup he had applied might cause the pneumonia.

So, he performed the same procedure with a different makeup, and the patient’s symptoms completely disappeared.

The Jerusalem Post report also states that this is the first time that the use of makeup by people with asthma has been successfully treated in Israel.

The report says that the first treatment that the patient received was a mask, but that after that the doctor changed the procedure to the concealer and the patients health completely recovered.

The treatment is so successful, the Jerusalem Press reported that it has been making its way to Israel to be used as a first-of-its-kind method of treating asthma.

The doctor in charge of the patient, Dr. Omer El-Omar, says that he was very happy with the results of his procedure.

“I am very happy, because I am using this as a way of treating the condition that I am in.

We hope that the treatment will be successful in other people, and we hope that we will see it in more patients,” El-Osmar told the Jerusalem press.

The medical establishment in Israel has been working to develop a new treatment for people with bronchitis for years.

The first successful patient was a man with severe asthma, and it took until this year for the country to pass the first-ever law that would allow people with severe conditions to use medical masks and respirators.


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