How to Get Away With Being a Lazy Lazy Person

I’ve always felt like I had a natural talent for being a lazy person, but that talent was mostly to do with being socially inept and generally annoying.

It’s a little like being a “chimp.” 

In fact, the term “chimpanzee” was invented by a guy named Charles Darwin in the late 1800s.

Darwin famously used it to describe his “southern hemisphere” cousins, and he called them chimps.

Darwin, a British naturalist and biologist, was a keen observer of his own species and believed chimps could live a long, happy, productive life.

While it’s hard to imagine Darwin and his chimps living in the same social setting as most of us, Darwin had a theory about why we’re social animals: we’re all born with an innate sense of fairness.

The Darwinian theory is based on the observation that humans are social animals, meaning we all need to be social in order to be happy.

So, to maximize our chances of surviving, we’re supposed to be the ones who keep things as simple as possible.

Darwin didn’t have the exact word for “social” as a word, but his theory has stuck in our heads ever since.

Here’s how to live like a chimp.


Be kind to strangers.

When you meet someone new, smile.

If they don’t have a big smile on their face, smile anyway.


Be nice to yourself.

You may be one of the most popular people in the world, but when you’re alone, it’s usually because you have something to say.


Give your body a break.

Sometimes, you’re not even trying to be polite, you just want to relax and let your mind go to sleep.


Stop doing the “right” things.

If you’re constantly trying to do something the wrong way, you may not be able to concentrate.


Learn how to be nice.

Doing the wrong thing will often result in getting into trouble.


Stop complaining.

It’s not your fault that you’re being selfish.

If you’re frustrated by people, try to figure out why.


Stop trying to control others.

People can learn from you and sometimes the right way to do the right thing can be hard to do at first.


Start listening to others.

You can learn a lot from someone who doesn’t mind being heard.


Take responsibility.

If something isn’t right with someone, accept that person’s problem and try to fix it. 10.

Stop taking on unnecessary responsibilities.

Being a lazy lazy person doesn’t mean you don’t give your body and soul the time of day, but you should never let it control your life.


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