How to avoid the ‘Hara Quinn’ makeup controversy

Now Playing: Is the ‘Teen Mom’ mom who accused her ex of sexually assaulting her really his?

Now Playing ‘Teen Moms’ Season 4 premiere gets an Oscar nod Now Playing’Teen Mamas’ Season 3 finale got an Oscar nomination Now Playing’: How to watch ‘Teen Mama’ Season 6 Now Playing:’ ‘Teen’ Season 5’s second season premieres on Monday Now Playing”This is an issue that we’ve had with the casting of our female characters and how we have to cast them,” show creator Jenji Kohan said in a statement.

“We are committed to having more diverse, talented women on the show.”

The makeup controversy has reignited a long-running debate about how to cast actors, which Kohan and the show’s creators have said has become a source of contention between fans and show creators.

On Twitter, a Twitter user called @MomsWhoAre asked, “Should the cast be white, Asian, or Hispanic?

Is this casting a problem, or a blessing?””

We want to have an experience where we have the best possible casting for the people who will be watching it,” said showrunner Jenji.

“There’s not a lot of diversity in this industry.”

“We have the opportunity to create a show that people are going to watch,” she said.

“It’s up to the show creators to make sure that it’s not that one thing that they think about, and then we’ll find the balance between what the show is about and what people want to see.”

The show’s most recent episode, titled “Hara,” was the first time the show has cast a white actor in a major role.

“It’s a very complicated process, because we are so sensitive to what people feel, especially the women who have accused each other of being abusers,” said Kohan.

“When we’re casting, we have an understanding of how much time and money goes into the casting, so we have this idea that if a woman feels that she has been sexually assaulted, she should go on a panel and get support.

That’s how we cast.

It’s a process that’s very important for us to do.”


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