Cosplay makeup for the new Disney movie Beauty and the Beast: The Cosplay Makeup Contest

Disney has a new beauty brand, and the company is throwing a makeup contest to get the first cosplayers to create their own makeup for its forthcoming film.

The Cosplayer Makeup Project is taking place on April 8 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

It’s sponsored by the company’s Beauty and The Beast brand, which will help to fund the competition.

“Cosplayers are the future of beauty,” said Kat Bowers, the CEO of Beauty and THE BOWL, a new brand that will take over the Cosplayer makeup contest, which began in March.

The beauty brand will support the Cosplay Contest as a sponsor.

“We’re excited to bring our talent to a new frontier and bring the beauty of Beauty to a global audience, and we hope you will join us in the journey,” said Bowers.

“This is the first time we have had a brand-sponsored contest in our history.

I hope you all will join in and help bring Beauty and BEAST to life in the most iconic way possible.”

Cosplayers will receive $20 to $100 worth of cosmetics for each photo submitted, including brushes, makeup tools, and more.

Cosplayers will also be able to get their names in a pop-up at the event to promote their work, Bowers said.

“There are thousands of people who have the opportunity to participate in this competition, and this is just the first step to make it a real, big, and fun experience,” Bowers added.

The Cosplayer Cosplay Project is sponsored by Beauty andTheBowl, a beauty brand that’s helping to fund Cosplayer’s makeup contest.

The Beauty andTHE BOWl brand will sponsor the CosPlayer Makeup contest.

 “This is a really cool way to promote the new Beauty andBreathe, and I think people who are looking to get in on this will really love this,” said Sarah Pender, Beauty andtheBowl’s marketing director.

“We think this will be a great way to engage with the community.”

The contest has been running for months, and there are nearly a thousand participants who have posted their creations on Instagram.

A photo contest is just one way to get started with the Cosplaying Makeup.

Cosplay can be done using brushes, or it can be achieved by blending cosmetics with makeup.

“People really love to get creative,” Bower said.

“When you’re a kid, you’d look up at a painting and say, ‘Oh, I wonder if that would look cool in makeup.’

It’s just a fun way to do things that are fun and new.

I think we’re all excited to get into the Cosplays, because this is a big opportunity to really build this brand, to really help people who aren’t necessarily into makeup,” Biers added. 

“We have over 40,000,000 followers on Instagram, and it’s so cool to see people making this happen,” Pender said. 

Cosplayers can be nominated for prizes like stickers, swag, and cosplay items, as well as be featured in the new film, and can earn up to $200 per photo. 

The Cosplay Cosplay Challenge is sponsored and organized by the Beauty and Beautybowl brand.


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